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 Economy system / Call to Arms for the Sphere empire.

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Economy system / Call to Arms for the Sphere empire. Empty
PostSubject: Economy system / Call to Arms for the Sphere empire.   Economy system / Call to Arms for the Sphere empire. Icon_minitimeTue Jul 26, 2011 2:20 pm

At Vlad's request i made a few systems wich might benefit the kingdom quite a lot.. :3 Anywho.
I thought i might aswell post all of it here, wich also opens the possibility of a lot of discussion, and making it easier to find and correct issues in the "systems". As said, this is only for villagers who live in the Sphere empire, DustStone or anywhere as such.

Please do apply for a job here! Easier to keep track of!

Economy as of now.

We're currently aiming to get a rather stable daily income, and as a member of the empire you should do your very best to contribute in all ways possible, work being most likely the most important way. There are several jobs and things to be done, and they'll all give you a benefitt or money or something such. The basic jobs are..

Hunter, (Future)Blacksmith, Baker/Farmer (Future)Miner Lumberjack.
Hunters are meant to The Blacksmith will Bakers shall get Diggy diggy hole. Lumberjacks are to get
get 10 pork-chops, be using wood or 20 breads a day. Digging a hole. 100 raw peices of wood
20 leathers each day. stone to create tools, Easy peasy. Each day.
There is currently arming our nation. -Cyberias_Kirk -Osgord_Ulfeind
only one hunter. They are the only ones
-Walter_Lingstin That'll get the stone.
( - are the ones currently employed. )

All the above will be payed 10$ a day, wich might not seem as a lot, but please keep in mind, we cant pay much moore as we need a "rather" strong income to buy things to the city. Such as the hospital and everything, we also actually need to create the city first. ( DustStone is what i'm speaking of o-course. )

I also had a idea of smaller side-jobs wich will only take short ammounts. My first thought was a messenger. Deliver messages, go sell things and bring back the profit, stuff like that. As it's a very simple and fast job. You'd get 5$ for a day of doing such things. Now.. To the call to Arms thingamajing.

Wen a call to arms is issued, you are given a "class" depending on your work, ( some exceptions might be made.) There will be things such as, regular soldiers. Breads, some torches. Sword aswell as armor. Nothing fancy, but outmost important. I suppose Lumberjacks would become that.

Rangers. Hunters would become either archers or rangers, rangers being the operatives of our army, sabotaging and assasination is their trade. Archers... .. Shoot stuff.

(Faarfaarfarintothefuture) Tech's. People equiped with everything from lava-buckets to cobblestone and wooden planks. They are made to quickly assemble a shelter for troops, aswell as quickly seige anything that the enemy has built.
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Economy system / Call to Arms for the Sphere empire. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Economy system / Call to Arms for the Sphere empire.   Economy system / Call to Arms for the Sphere empire. Icon_minitimeWed Jul 27, 2011 10:34 pm

Good, altough it seems you messed up a little in the middle.


Because I don't quite understand it. But in general a great system for your town, get jobs, let everybody do their part. Because the main problem in other servers is, first 'people create a gaint empire' but after that they're completely bored, they don't know what to do. That's why the taxes are here (and they will become much harder in the future!). To make people work for their empire, make it grow, etc.

Also the constant whining about the quarries is irritating me a bit, it's not about finding a quarry as fast as possible. The 'primitive age' is a time by itself, live in it create great wooden defences just to lateron you know how much you've done in the past. Because finding a quarry will suddenly change the entire server (that's why they're so rare), it's not just stone tools beeing made. But also diamond tools. I need to find some kind of a plugin that will make it impossible to create iron tools to prevent that.

Greets, Jeroen V.
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Economy system / Call to Arms for the Sphere empire.
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